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Help Patrick Brown's legal expenses

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Every person in Ontario has followed the media attention to the
attack on PC Leader Patrick Brown.  Most have noted the lack
of fairness, no due process, and hiding of the complainants by
CTV when accusations of sexual misconduct were made with
no authentication made public.
     But on his sister's facebook page, 800 + Ontarians have
poured out their support for Mr. Brown.  This is awesome, and
valued.  To read the comments search facebook for Steph Bee
(sister, Stephanie Brown).  The enthusiasm is infectious.   And
here on this GoFundMe page, we can turn this around, to stop
the abuse of Mr. Brown.
     Whether you donate money or not is not the issue.
    1)  Write to    vic.fedeli   at   to object to the
          treatment of Mr. Brown.
    2)  Click "Donate"  Even $ 2 from several thousand people will
          help with Mr. Brown's legal costs.
You are needed as part of the solution, through sharing  this page
to your Facebook and Twitter friends,  by clicking above.  Together,
there are thousands who will help Patrick Brown and his family to
overcome the unfair treatment they are facing, and  bring some
legal redress for this family and Mr. Brown.
     Christie Blatchford, in the National Post, is a journalist who has
pointed out a few cases of such complaints which have not been
verfied, which have questionable claims, which do not give the
accused due process, and which cause inexcusable harm.  She
covers court cases and understands fairness for anyone who is
accused.  She wrote
     Good for Christie.  Great, factual journalist.
     Alex Pierson, on AM-640 radio, did a similar commentary,
           about lack of due process. Listen to Alex on AM-640 for
          her detailed reports.
     John Oakley, on AM-640 radio, conveyed uneasiness.
     Jerry Agar, on CFRB radio, has expressed parallel  concern,
          about accusations without authentication.
     This flow of unverified allegations can be stopped, and it can
start right here with providing Patrick Brown the fair treatment he
deserves.  Those 800 or more who wrote to his sister are really
appreciated.  You can help by clicking above Facebook, Twitter,
or Donate.
     You, too, can make the difference.